Oren Ambarchi to Drop 'Sagittarian Domain'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 29, 2012

Experimental six-stringer Oren Ambarchi has no shortage of 2012-issued releases, having dropped a live LP in the beginning of the year and an upcoming collaboration with Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley and Keiji Haino that's out Tuesday (July 3). You can now add one more platter to the prolific run in the form of the upcoming Sagittarian Domain.

Ambarchi's next sonic opus arrives August 28 via Editions Mego and is presented as one 33-minute track. The outing has Ambarchi tackling guitar, bass, Moog, drums and vocal duties, but he is also joined by a string trio made up of violinist Elizabeth Welsh, viola player James Rushford, and cellist Judith Hamann.

Ambarchi recorded his material in one studio session in Melbourne, Australia, with his generally out-there guitar sound reportedly pushed to the side, showing up as a "ghostly reverberated shimmer." Instead, pulsating basslines and steady, motorik drum patterns are pushed to the forefront, which the press release describes as sounding like "Faust covering a '70s cop show theme."

The strings were recorded in a separate session, and are morphed and cut into the recording around the midway mark.

While this will be the first time the material is pressed onto vinyl or CD, the piece was featured in Benedict Andrews's production of Every Breath at Sydney, Australia's Belvoir St Theatre earlier this year.

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