Orange Juice to Get Retrospective Box Set on Domino

Orange Juice to Get Retrospective Box Set on Domino
Following a near-fatal stroke in 2005 and a comeback album in 2007, indie pop pioneer Edwyn Collins is still going strong. He has a new solo LP, Losing Sleep, due out September 13 via Heavenly Recordings. And now, we've received word that Collins' former band, the influential and much-loved Orange Juice, will be releasing a massive retrospective box set via Domino.

According to release listing from Domino's Canadian distributor, Outside Music, the box set is due October 26. However, that release date could be tentative, considering neither the band nor label have confirmed the release.

That said, an Orange Juice box set is most definitely in the works, as Collins spoke about the the release in an interview with The Line of Best Fit earlier this month.

"I think it's everything - sessions, outtakes, the lot. Seven CDs in total. Maybe going to be called Coals to Newcastle," he revealed.

The Outside listing simply refers to the collection's title as Box Set, but this may simply be a placeholder.

Collins said that the set was assembled by Kris Gillespie at Domino. He added that, to support the release, he would "probably" be relearning some Orange Juice songs to play during live shows.