Opal Onyx "Personal" (video)

Opal Onyx 'Personal' (video)
Adventurous Brooklyn duo Opal Onyx emerged from their experimental art scene with their recent album Delta Sands for Tin Angel, and now they've given that LP's "Personal" its own music video.

The song is a moody acoustic ballad that's layered over with dissonant noise and darkly atmospheric textures. The video by director Stivan Widick similarly mixes the straightforward with the disorienting, as images of the musicians are projected onto uneven surfaces.

The band said in a statement, "We rigged a projector into the back of a moving van and shot it on the passing landscape at about 2am one morning. Stivan and Giselle are the best to work with because no idea you throw at them is too crazy. They exceed in challenge."

Watch it below.