Oneohtrix Point Never's 'Rifts' Box Set Split Up into Stand-Alone Reissues

Oneohtrix Point Never's 'Rifts' Box Set Split Up into Stand-Alone Reissues
Back in 2012, Oneohtrix Point Never (aka electronic boundary-pusher Daniel Lopatin) reissued his Rifts collection as a massive vinyl box set, bringing together his first three albums, plus rarities from cassettes and CD-Rs. The set quickly sold out, but if you didn't get a copy, you're in luck: on April 23, all five of the collection's LPs will receive stand-alone releases through Lopatin's Mexican Summer side-label Software.

The three full-lengths included in Rifts were Betrayed in the Octagon (2007), Zones Without People (2009) and Russian Mind (2009), each of which has previously been released on vinyl.

As for the other records, Drawn and Quartered is made up of seven songs culled from five different low-key releases dating back to 2008 and 2009. The six songs from The Fall into Time, meanwhile, span four different releases from the same time period. See the full tracklists down below.

Each record with come with a download code. They're available to pre-order now from Mexican Summer's online store.

Betrayed in the Octagon:

A1. Woe Is the Transgression I

A2. Behind the Bank

A3. Eyeballs

A4. Betrayed in the Octagon
B1. Woe Is the Transgression II

B2. Parallel Minds

B3. Laser to Laser

Zones Without People:

A1. Computer Vision

A2. Format & Journey North

A3. Zones Without People
B1. Learning to Control Myself

B2. Disconnecting Entirely

B3. Emil Cioran

B4. Hyperdawn

Russian Mind:

A1. Months

A2. Physical Memory

A3. Grief and Repetition
B1. Russian Mind

B2. Time Decanted

B3. Immanence

Drawn and Quartered:

A1. Lovergirls Precinct

A2. Ships Without Meaning

A3. Terminator Lake

A4. Transmat Memories
B1. A Pact Between Strangers

B2. When I Get Back from New York

B3. I Know It's Taking Pictures from Another Plane (Inside Your Sun)

The Fall into Time:

A1. Blue Drive

A2. The Trouble with Being Born

A3. Sand Partina
B1. Melancholy Descriptions of Simple 3D Environments

B2. Memory Vague

B3. KGB Nights