Oneohtrix Point Never Reissues 'Rifts'

Oneohtrix Point Never Reissues 'Rifts'
Outsider synth master Daniel Lopatin is best known for his compositions as Oneohtrix Point Never. And while his last full-length album, Replica, made quite the mark on 2011, we're still happy to report that he'll be reissuing his early material.

The release is a reissue of Rifts, which originally dropped as a double-CD in 2009 via No Fun Productions. Most of that work will be available on the reissue, along with previously cassette-only tracks from NNA Tapes, Utmarken and Catholic Tapes.

The vinyl version will be limited to 1,000 copies. The box will house five LPs with a deluxe slipcase, while the triple CD version will include a slightly different tracklisting. The CD version, for example, includes some tracks off Oneohtrix's Tim Hecker upcoming collaboration Instrumental Tourist, due out November 20.

UPDATE: As FACT reports, the LP and triple-CD tracklistings will be the same, and no material from Instrumental Tourist will be included.

The artist's own Software imprint will release Rifts on November 19. The confirmed tracklist for the CD version is below and the updated cover art is above.

CD No. 1 - Betrayed In The Octagon:

1. Woe is the Transgression I
2. Behind the Bank
3. Eyeballs
4. Betrayed in the Octagon
5. Woe is the Transgression II
6. Parallel Minds
7. Laser to Laser
8. Ships Without Meaning (9:39)
9. Terminator Lake (5:40)
10. Transmat Memories (5:35)
11. A Pact Between Strangers (4:19)
12. When I Get Back from New York (16:40)

CD No. 2 - Zones Without People:

1. Computer Vision
2. Format & Journey North
3. Zones Without People
4. Learning to Control Myself
5. Disconnecting Entirely
6. Emil Cioran
7. Hyperdawn
8. Lovergirls Precinct (1:36)
9. I Know It's Taking Pictures From Another Plane (Inside Your Sun) (2:30)
10. Blue Drive (10:05)
11. The Trouble With Being Born (4:31)
12. Sand Partina (7:01)

CD No. 3 - Russian Mind:

1. Months
2. Physical Memory
3. Grief and Repetition
4. Russian Mind
5. Time Decanted
6. Immanence
7. Melancholy Descriptions of Simple 3D Environments (10:58)
8. Memory Vague (4:47)
9. KGB Nights (6:07)