Olivia Tremor Control Back Together and Recording

Olivia Tremor Control Back Together and Recording
All right, Elephant 6 freaks, it's time to get totally psyched. The Olivia Tremor Control are back together and, get this, recording brand spankin' new material. Yes, we are indeed talking about the same Olivia Tremor Control that broke up way back in 2000 and haven't released an album in a good decade or so. And, no, this isn't some lame internet gossip; it's news that comes straight from the horse's mouth: Olivia Tremor Control principal Will Cullen Hart.

"We've got two songs for the next Olivia record, in my opinion," Hart said in a new interview with EW.com. "They're on Bill [Doss]'s hard drive... We're really proud of it."

However, Hart wouldn't go as far as saying that the band are recording a new full-length album, just some new tunes. "We're working toward something. I'm not sure that we know, even," he said.

However, whatever comes from these new recordings it's definitely good news that the long-departed band are back together making music, even if the guys don't go into full-fledged comeback mode.

To refresh your memory, the last proper Olivia Tremor Control full-length was released in 1999, when they followed up on their classic 1996 debut Dusk at Cubist Castle with their psych-as-fuck Black Foliage: Animation Music. Soon after that though, they called it a day, with the band temporarily reuniting in 2005 for a few select shows. Last year, all the members did take part in the E6 Holiday Surprise tour but didn't officially perform under the Olivia Tremor Control banner.

As previously reported, this juicy titbit of Olivia news comes as Hart prepares to release his second proper album from his new outfit, Circulatory System. That album is being dubbed Signal Morning and is due out on August 4 through Cloud Recordings.