Old Man's Child In Defiance of Existence

In Defiance of Existence marks the return of Old Man’s Child, the black metal three-piece comprised of founding members Galder and Jardar, and now drummer Nicholas Barker (Dimmu Borgir, ex-Cradle of Filth). The band’s fifth album is rich with thrash metal, acoustic guitar interludes, keyboard orchestrations and an intense rhythm section, all operating within an overarching black metal framework. Galder’s stacked, gruff growls and a huge wall of brutality remind you that no matter how catchy these songs are ("Black Seeds on Virgin Soil,” for example), they’re pure, blasting metal at heart. At only 40 minutes, In Defiance of Existence ends a little too soon, so have your goat horns ready before it starts, and have your neck brace on hand for when it’s done. (Century Media)