Ohbijou's Casey Mecija Reveals 'Psychic Materials' Solo Album

Ohbijou's Casey Mecija Reveals 'Psychic Materials' Solo Album
Canadian indie popsters Ohbijou called it quits for the foreseeable future back in 2013, but singer Casey Mecija hasn't just been resting on the band's laurels. Since going on hiatus with the band, she returned to the world of academia and stepped into the role of radio host on CBC's The Doc Project. She has also been working on new music, and now she's unveiled her first solo album.
Titled Psychic Materials, the record is currently streaming online. The new songs harken back to her DIY roots in the Toronto music community and address topics like queerness, diaspora, history and love through the lens of dreams and memory.

Socially conscious and emotional, the new album is meant to be experienced with both the eyes and ears. Mecija has paired each of the eight songs with an accompanying visual and a transcript of the full lyrics.
The musician shared a statement about the project, which reads:
When understanding fails, music consoles. There is always the chance that a dream revisits us, but there is also the impossibility of holding onto or recalling its details. These songs assemble emotions that live in disparate locations. They are pieces of dreams about queerness, memory, diaspora, history and love. Like an attempt to make sense of the residue of a dream, I hope that the imposition of a coherent narrative onto them is a necessary act but does not undermine their enigmatic qualities. These songs contain materials that help me to know who I am, all the while finding comfort in the places where knowing is not possible.
See and listen to the full album here. Get a taste of the record by streaming opening track "This War Is More Than Us" in the player below.