Oh No Forest Fires "Awkward Lover" (Secret Session @ TARA)

Oh No Forest Fires 'Awkward Lover' (Secret Session @ TARA)
While not waging pitched battles against academic disciplines as they do on debut The War on Geometry, Oh No Forest Fires are also on a mission to end the tyranny of the drunken hook-up, or at least the kind that involves the person you like going home with someone other than you.

For the fourth instalment of the most excellent "Secret Sessions" at the Audio Recording Academy the Toronto-based band brings us this acoustic version of non-album track "Awkward Lover."

Despite the rather toned down nature of the TARA sessions, the group is able to retain their mathy-indie vibe on a track that's basically a tale of "drop the zero and get with the hero," but told in much more eloquent terms.