OFF! Finish Recording New Album, Announce May Release

OFF! Finish Recording New Album, Announce May Release
While OFF! were initially billed as a supergroup, their acclaimed First Four EPs from 2010 was good enough that the band -- composed of members of beloved acts like Circle Jerks, Hot Snakes and Redd Kross -- have become lauded in their own right. This means that fans of vintage hardcore will be thrilled to learn that the group's sophomore LP is on the way.

In a caption accompanying a studio picture on Facebook, the group wrote, "Day 3 in the studio. New album has been recorded. On to mixing." So by the sound of things, it only took them a few days to cut the whole thing, which we're guessing means that they haven't tamed down at all.

According to a listing on retailer Insound, the as-yet-untitled album will be out on May 8 via Vice Records. This was seemingly confirmed by the band, who posted a Facebook note saying that it would indeed be out in May. This also falls in line with previous reports that the group were working on a new album for a spring release.

While we wait for some official confirmation about the new record's due date, OFF! have a few U.S. festival dates booked for the coming months, so see the schedule right here.

UPDATE: It's now confirmed, and as we thought, OFF! will be releasing their full-length via Vice on May 8. It's a self-titled affair and you can see the tracklist below.


1. Wiped Out
2. I Got News For You
3. Elimination
4. Cracked
5. Wrong
6. Borrow and Bomb
7. Toxic Box
8. Man From Nowhere
9. Jet Black Girls
10. King Kong Brigade
11. Harbor Freeway Blues
12. Feelings Are Meant to Be Hurt
13. Vaporized
14. 503
15. Zero for Conduct
16. I Need One (I Want One)