OFF! "Red White and Black" (video)

OFF! 'Red White and Black' (video)
Kids in the Hall comedian Dave Foley is once again showing his love for OFF! by appearing in a music video, but the band aren't too happy about it. Why? Well, we'll give you a hint: he plays a white power figure in the clip for Wasted Years' "Red White and Black."

The satirical music video finds a Nazi-style Foley taking to the stage with stand-up bass player (played by Brian Posehn), cranking out some high-octane hate concert for a group of red suspenders-sporting fans. The OFF! guys seem uncomfortable about the whole thing as they work the bar, while another group offended by the "no minorities" stance of the show arrive to challenge the "master race."

You'll find Foley's ideology and person depantsed in the video down below.