OFF! "Meet Your God" (video)

OFF! 'Meet Your God' (video)
The last we saw of OFF!, band members were eviscerated in airplane turbines, decapitated by the animal kingdom, and on the run from an ursine assassin. Vocalist Keith Morris' catastrophic birthday party continues in the video for Wasted Years' "Meet Your God."

The punk singer and "escaped mental patient, ex-martial arts champion and proven liar" Gary (a.k.a. Jack Black) are still fleeing from a violent bear in the video, though Gary tries to save the day with hand-to-hand combat moves. It doesn't turn out well, but his gaffe leads to a pretty funny convo with Morris about this year's Coachella. Also, Morris goes full on bananas in a friend-avenging battle.

You'll discover the grizzly results down below.