Octoberman Run From Safety

Every Octoberman CD brings with it the promise that Marc Morrissette (of Vancouver band Kids These Days) will meet the potential he’s always hinted at. Based on last year’s Laguardia EP, it looked like Morrissette was finding his stride but unfortunately, Run From Safety is more of a sideways step. Some of that is due to his ambition to create an album that can be everything to everyone — the ever-growing band are able to offer an atmospheric backing that’s the highlight of the record. But Morrissette’s lyrics, which are getting less convincing with each release, are left to carry far too much of the weight, something they’re not capable of. Run From Safety is a hard album not to like on some level but with interesting songs that are wilfully difficult listening and pedestrian songs that are not particularly interesting, it just doesn’t hold together. (White Whale)