The Ocean Precambrian

Simply put, while it is impressive, Precambrian pushes the borders of both dynamics and patience. Two sprawling discs of progressive metal, the album utilises global time periods to divide up these hour-long — each — epics and revels in anthropological imagery, a fitting package for the aural War And Peace. Lumbering and far from concise or pointed, Precambrian takes time to unfold. A lot of time, as in, if this was a Neurosis effort, it would be the equivalent of their first three albums combined. First disc Hadean/Archaean is divided into five sub-categories, while second slab Proterozoic stretches itself out to nine movements. Still, if one is to settle in to Precambrian, the subtleties and nuances that unfold are powerful. Elements of Botch, Mastodon, Converge and Pelican all rear their ugly heads, usually within the same tune. Slipping from minimalist sound experimentation to raging, distorted thrust within a single song, this metallic Tortoise reveal their work to be finely crafted and perfectly executed, even if it’s undeniably long-winded. (Metal Blade)