Oblomov Mighty Cosmic Dances

Sci-fi Czech-metallers Oblomov’s attempts to leave earth and explore the depths of the universe are admirable but ultimately fruitless. The opening track of spacey, drawn out electronic waxing and waning suggest a prog journey is about to ensue but the quick burst of plague metal that follows calms any fears of boring new age keyboard monkeying. There is a heavy Dark Funeral influence with a more melodious take on the relentless blasts and blackened guitar riffs. They take to the skies with plenty of harmonies that occasionally drag for too long, moving into the American metalcore tendency to sound contrived. Their experimental moments are the most intriguing parts of the record, random instruments being incorporated to give them a noticeable edge while strange arrangements and unconventional riffing add depth and imagination to a fairly traditional plague approach. Though they haven’t changed the face of music, they definitely put a strong front forward and arrive somewhere in between the exosphere and magnetosphere of the metal world. (Deepsend)