Nuclear Blast Issues Another Warning About A&R Impostor, Who Has "the Makings of a Serial Killer," Says Metal Label

Nuclear Blast Issues Another Warning About A&R Impostor, Who Has 'the Makings of a Serial Killer,' Says Metal Label
In mid-June, news began circulating in the metal underground that some individuals were attending shows, approaching bands and claiming to be from major independent labels Nuclear Blast and Century Media. As previously reported, these impostors would then try to suck money, merchandise or music out of innocent bands through promises of signings and fat advances.

At the time, the labels released a statement, warning acts to guard themselves against impostors. Apparently, this hasn't stopped the attempts at trickery.

No one really knows why someone is going to all of this trouble but it's still happening, prompting one band to contact Nuclear Blast after being approached by a seedy sort claiming to represent them.

The band forwarded the entire email correspondence with the so-called "Kevin Darden/Kevin Drander," and the label now has a name to go with the claims, as well as an inside look on how this individual is suckering bands into a web of lies. The back-and-forth email correspondence has been printed in a recent press release from Nuclear Blast's North American head office in hopes of putting an end to the matter.

The release begins:

"A label staff imposter by the name of Kevin Drander/Kevin Darden has reared his ugly head once again. We repeat, he is NOT an employee of Nuclear Blast Records OR Century Media. If he's reached out to you, do NOT waste your time on his false promises. For the sake of your own safety, DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES agree to meet him ANYWHERE. He has the makings of a serial killer whose motives are power & control."

(Yes, stick a [sic] on that whole paragraph.)

To read the entire release, click here to head over to L.A. Weekly, who have posted the lengthy Blast letter in full. 

Luckily, no impostors were involved in the signing of Nuclear Blast's latest outfit, self-dubbed pirate metallers Swashbuckle.