Nova Scotian Arms Cult Spectrum

Following hot on the heels of a split LP with wife Rachel (who records as Motion Sickness of Time Travel), Cult Spectrum is the first solo long player from Grant Evans' Nova Scotian Arms project. Together, the Evans join forces as Quiet Evenings and also curate the Hooker Vision imprint. They're stalwart members of the ultra-prolific, cassette-driven, hypnotic drone club. Cult Spectrum is an LP that unfolds in waves, the ebb and flow distinctly tidal in scope. With his Rhodes piano, a guitar and a heavenly host of angelic sounds, Evans floats sonic elements on top of one another as if they're immiscible liquids. The resulting compositions are headphone-worthy exercises for drifting into hypnagogia. Listening to Cult Spectrum is akin to experiencing pure tone assembling itself into complex organic constructions; it is sound as living creature. It's Evans' keen ear for bliss that has allowed him to conjure such a wondrous beast. (Digitalis)