NOFX / Dillinger Four Kool Haus, Toronto ON October 9

There’s always a party when pop punkers NOFX come to town. This second of two sold-out nights was primed for action, as one had to kick past under-agers chugging booze in urine-soaked alcoves outside of the Kool Haus, not to mention line up forever at under-staffed bars who were clearly unprepared for such bacchanalian behaviour inside.

By the time Minneapolis’ Dillinger Four hit the stage, everyone was randy as all hell. Taking advantage of the situation, bassist Patrick Costello introduced the band as everything from the Replacements to Hüsker Dü before ripping out a set consisting primarily of older tunes, saving only a few from their forthcoming album until the end. After almost a decade of failing to perform in Toronto, D4 proved time has been nothing but kind to them.

When it comes to randy humour though, few can top NOFX. Bashing everything from our upcoming election to how every country believes their beer to be the best in the world, singer/bassist Fat Mike was cutting. Oddly though, he kept the banter to a minimum; a bonus to those only wanting music but a bummer to those who appreciate comedy with their punk rock. Yet because he was modestly tight-lipped, the band whipped through more songs in one set than they’ve probably managed in a decade.

The revised list (for the benefit of attendees to the previous night’s festivities) boasted classics such as, "Fuck The Kids,” "Linoleum,” "Bottles To The Ground,” "Murder The Government” and "Don’t Call Me White.” Of most important note, however, was watching Number One Fan "Nubs” perform her first official stage dive — well, she was willingly tossed into the crowd by a roadie — during "She’s Nubs,” of course.

Tighter than they’ve been in years yet just as wily and ridiculous, NOFX proved that while punk rock might not be in vogue lately, it hasn’t "Soul Doubt.”