NOFX The Greatest Songs Ever Written By Us.

Hey kids, stuck on what to get your cooler than thou punk rock friends this holiday season? They already have the new Good Charlotte disc and tickets for the upcoming Billy Talent tour. Oh no, what to do? Fear not, NOFX have the solution to all your problems. It’s a greatest hits disc. Buy it now and you’ll get 26 songs spanning all the albums you already own. But this package collects them in one easy to use package…and they’re re-mastered too! But act now and you’ll be getting your pals one, that’s one all new NOFX song on which Fat Mike throws down a big "fuck you” to anyone who thinks his band has passed its best before date. So what are you waiting for? Run faster to a mall near you and pick this up. Your friends will love you forever for introducing them to one of the greatest, smartest, funniest and most tireless melodic punk bands ever. (Epitaph)