Nocturnal Fear Metal Of Honor

An American black metal outfit clearly raised on the acidic rage of old school thrash before Norway became the be-all, end-all of extremity, Detroit, MI's Nocturnal Fear release third effort Metal Of Honor with plenty of the apocalyptic doom and rabid frenzy established on previous affairs. While the album is loud and demonic, there's little advancement. The band are content to churn out an album that, for all intents and purposes, is basically a younger sibling to Kreator's Pleasure To Kill; it features a ravenous, panicked voice, frothing attack and even the general lack of solid pacing. Still, it's the intent and delivery that sell this release more than ability. When one hears the passion and anger burst forth, the absence of originality is overlooked in favour of a particularly sweet moment of fiery head banging. In essence, Metal Of Honor is fun but far from essential black-influenced thrash. (Moribund)