NOBRO Release New Single "Julia"

The Montreal rock group will tour Canada in support of Billy Talent in 2022
NOBRO Release New Single 'Julia'
Photo: Camille Gladu Drouin
Montreal's NOBRO have released a new single, "Julia," via Dine Alone Records. The track arrives in advance of the rock quartet's upcoming Canadian tour dates in support of Billy Talent, with PUP and Rise Against.

Almost an act of fate, the song appeared to NOBRO's vocalist and bassist Kathryn McCaughey as if of its own violation. "The song almost wrote itself," McCaughey explained in a press release. "The 'Julia-ya ya' hook had been in my head for a couple days and with the help of our producer Thom D'Arcy we put together enough of a demo to make the song make sense, but the real magic happened when we went to record it."

Despite the group's usual style, McCaughey revealed the track demanded slower pacing to come to life: "We couldn't decide on a speed at first because our normal 'shred your face off' pace was not the vibe, but then we decided it was OK to live life mid-tempo. And voilĂ , the song was born."

Ripping guitar and skippy drums accompany anthemic vocals to produce an instant hit. Addictive and endlessly fun, the song plays like a backtrack to an upbeat montage movie scene. Its release follows the single and video "Better Each Day," mixed by two-time Grammy Award-winning engineer Dave Schiffman.

In February, NOBRO will kick off Billy Talent's tour with a pair of shows in Winnipeg. In the meantime, we'll be streaming their newest singles. And with that, you too can listen to "Julia" below.