No WTO Combo Live from the Battle in Seattle

This disc is of note not only because it was recorded last December in Seattle during an impromptu curfew-defying late night club show in the midst of a city-wide lock down brought about by the anti-World Trade Organization riots, but because of who's on it. Former Dead Kennedys front-man Jello Biafra teamed with ex-Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Gina Mainwal (who played with Novoselic in Sweet 75) to record four musical tracks, two old DK gems and two originals, and a 14-minute rant from Biafra. The whole thing was captured and mixed by legendary pacific coast grungemaster Jack Endino (Nirvana, Seaweed, Skin Yard), who gives an appropriate sonic wallop. Politically important and musically satisfying. What more could you ask for? (Alternative Tentacles)