Nina Persson Announces New A Camp Album

Nina Persson Announces New A Camp Album
Nina Persson has announced she’s once again taking a break from her day job in the Cardigans to revive her old offshoot, A Camp.

On February 2, the Swedish songstress will drop Colonia, the project’s second album and first since A Camp’s self-titled 2001 debut. And like record number one, Persson’s A Camp band-mate Niclas Frisk of Atomic Swing is back onboard, as is her hubby/Shudder to Think member Nathan Larson. However, this time it appears Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous isn’t behind the control board, with A Camp reportedly handling the production end of things on their own.

Other than this, A Camp are keeping rather mum about the details concerning Colonia and preferring to communicate through this little photo journal here. If you know a bit of Swedish, however, you may be able to dig up some more info in this recent Swedish newspaper article about the album, or at least we’re guessing it’s about the album.

Colonia will be preceded by the single "Stronger than Jesus” on January 19, but like the full-length, there’s no word on if and when the two discs will get a Canadian release.

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