Night Horse

The Dark Won't Hide You

BY Keith CarmanPublished Oct 21, 2008

Formerly known as the Mother Fucking Razorbacks but now releasing their blues-inspired sludge rock under the Night Horse moniker, this collective of Allman Brothers loving, wah-pedal beating stoners are the perfect union of Clutch’s unyielding groove, Fu Manchu’s muddy distortion/patient riffs and Southern rock’s epic bouts of twangy flair. Occasionally paring things down to the typical Black Sabbath influence via droning bridges and an overall loose atmosphere, The Dark Won’t Hide You boasts six tracks with that molasses-in-January pacing most boogie rockers can’t live without. While there are moments where Night Horse could pick up the tempo a touch to inspire more adrenaline-fuelled fury, instead of relying on the typical double-time trick, for the most part, The Dark Won’t Hide You is vital to hillbillies with distortion pedals everywhere.
(Tee Pee)

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