Nick Thorburn x Notorious B.I.G. "Bad Dream" ('Serial' theme) / "Somebody's Gotta Die" (Fafu remix)

Nick Thorburn x Notorious B.I.G. 'Bad Dream' ('Serial' theme) / 'Somebody's Gotta Die' (Fafu remix)
NPR's Serial podcast managed to make radio cool again in 2014 as it relayed the gripping story of a 1999 Baltimore murder. High schooler Hae Min Lee was killed and her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed has been serving a life sentence for it since — despite stacks of questionable evidence that the podcast has been unveiling.
The season finale aired yesterday (December 18), but to fill the Serial-sized hole left in radio listeners' hearts, a Soundcloud user by the name Fafu has provided a mash-up of the show's theme song with Notorious B.I.G. cut "Somebody's Gotta Die." The track comes from Biggie's posthumous album Life After Death. Clips from the show appear throughout the remix, but it's pretty safe spoiler-wise.
As previously reported, the theme and score for the show was composed by the Unicorns and Islands music maker Nick Thorburn. Hear the Biggie-infused new take on the earworm-y theme song below.