Nick Oliveri to Share Stage with Queens of the Stone Age Once Again

Nick Oliveri to Share Stage with Queens of the Stone Age Once Again
Queens of the Stone Age have been keeping busy touring the world in support of their latest album, 2013's Like Clockwork…, and it's now been revealed that a special guest will be joining the band for their Halloween show in Los Angeles.

Former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri was fired from the band in 2004 but has slowly been rekindling his relationship with Josh Homme. Now Oliveri is scheduled to appear onstage with his old group on October 31.

Homme and Oliveri have recently worked together, with Oliveri contributing to the aforementioned Like Clockwork… and Homme making a cameo on a Mondo Generator song a couple years back. Oliveri also rejoined his old bandmates onstage during a gig in April, where he provided the bassline for "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire."

The details of the forthcoming performance emerged from an NME interview with Oliveri, in which he explains that the Halloween show has his band billed as the opening act, as well as an offer from Homme for Oliveri to play six songs with Queens of the Stone as special encore.

Speaking to the UK publication about his future with Homme's band, Oliveri said the following:

That's pretty much up to Josh. It's his band, and when he pulls the trigger on something, it's up to him. I put myself out there a few different times in the past 10 years at Queens shows. I'd go and see them play and say, 'Hey man, I'm here! Do you want me to sing a song?' I stopped asking him after a while, and then he asked me! It's pretty much just when he wants to do something, these days. It's not up to me, is what I'm saying.

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