New York University Introduces Guitar Hero Course

New York University Introduces <i>Guitar Hero</i> Course
If you really want to study something at the New York University, but don't mind if your liberal arts degree doesn't help you land a job, the university has introduced a perfect course. Starting this semester, freshmen students at NYU can take "Guitar Heroes (and Heroines): Music, Video Games and the Nature of Human Cognition."

In an interview with the New York Post [via Prefixmag], NYU professor and creator of the course Dr. Gary Marcus defended the class, saying, "Videogames are an understudied area. People dismiss them unfairly, but Guitar Hero is a good tool for teaching and I'm interested in the nature of learning."

Understandably, it's the parents who are pissed off. In the same article, a student's parent explains, "I just wrote a big cheque here... I'm not paying for him to study videogames."

While the class will likely help students with their critical thinking skills, how long it stays in the program is yet to be seen. Who knows, maybe we'll be seeing kids graduating with a PhD in Star Power.