New Order Offer Up Seven-Inch For Record Store Day, Clarify Break-Up... Sort Of

New Order Offer Up Seven-Inch For Record Store Day, Clarify Break-Up... Sort Of
As we previously reported, this Saturday's (April 18) second annual Record Store Day is making a strong case for getting people into shops and throwing down some cash on the never-ending amount of exclusives so many artists have offered up.

Along with RSD exclusives like a brand new Modest Mouse seven-inch, a split single by the Flaming Lips and the Black Keys, two splits by Sonic Youth (with Beck and Jay Reatard), yet another unearthed live album from Pavement, and various T-shirts designed by Death Cab, Mastodon and the Grateful Dead, New Order have re-emerged with a special treat.

Having broken up after the release of 2005's Waiting For the Sirens' Call what the band are donating is a seven-inch of "Temptation/Hurt," which will be officially released by Rhino, which will also be offering a seven-inch of the Smiths' "The Headmasters Ritual/Oscillate Wildly" single.

The news comes after New Order bassist Peter Hook recently spoke to the Toronto Sun about the band's unconfirmed break-up. In the interview Hook said, "It was just a change of attitude, really. I mean, over the years we [in New Order] developed different tastes and different attitudes. Being in a group is all about compromise and the more you compromise, each of you, the better that group works... Basically it just got to the point where I thought I had compromised enough. What surprised me is that I didn't think Bernard [Sumner] was bothered about New Order. It was only after we split up that I found out he was."

Hook also confronted reports that Sumner and drummer Stephen Morris were talking about reforming New Order without him on bass. "They wouldn't be allowed to go out as New Order 'cause I'd sue 'em," Hook said. "It'd be a Spandau Ballet moment - that thing where Tony Hadley can go out playing the songs of Spandau Ballet. It's childish but that's what being in a group is all about, isn't it?"

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