New Fennesz Album Set For Next Month

New Fennesz Album Set For Next Month
Four years after the release of Fennesz’s uber-acclaimed Venice, the Austrian glitch guitar maestro has finally pulled together a proper follow-up. Dubbed The Black Sea, the six-track, 40-minute sonic assemblage is set to be released next month via UK-based imprint Touch — news that should send a sharp jolt of excitement through more than a few discerning music lovers.

According to Touch, The Black Sea was made with "acoustic and electric guitars, synths, electronics, lloopp and computers," with all tracks being composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Fennesz on his lonesome in Vienna and Paris. The exception is the album track "Glide,” which finds Fennesz pairing up with New Zealander Rosy Parlane (of the band Thela), lending her voice to the track.

Touch has yet to firm up the release day for The Black Sea but says it will start taking orders for the vinyl version "in two-three weeks time (around November 4th),” with the CD edition following a couple of weeks later. If you want a little taste of the record now, "Saffron Revolution” was released digitally on Monday (October 20) and can be found at your friendly neighbourhood digital retailer.

Here is the tracklisting for The Black Sea:

1. Black Sea
2. Perfume for Winter
3. Grey Scale
4. Glide
5. Glass Ceiling
6. Saffron Revolution

Fennesz "Caecilia"