New Chad VanGaalen Album Out in September

New Chad VanGaalen Album Out in September
Nearly two years after record number two, Calgary’s most-beloved one-man band Chad VanGaalen is getting set for number three. On September 9, the lo-fi pop innovator will drop Soft Airplane, his first album since 2006’s much-loved, Polaris Music Prize-nominated Skelliconnection.

Like VanGaalen’s other work, Soft Airplane finds the songwriter retreating to the weird and wonderful confines of his Calgary basement, where he primarily recorded the album on an old tape machine and JVC ghetto blaster. According to his label Sub Pop, the full-length also "retains the handmade charm and singular character of his previous records, while incorporating new layers of sophistication and weight.” And with titles like "Cries of the Dead,” "Phantom Anthills,” "Poisonous Heads” and "TMNT Mask,” it seems VanGaalen is has lost neither sense of humour nor his taste for death.

Here is the Soft Airplane tracklisting:

1. "Willow Tree”
2. "Bones of Man”
3. "Cries of the Dead”
4. "Inside the Molecules”
5. "Bare Feet on Wet Griptape”
6. "Phantom Anthills”
7. "Poisonous Heads”
8. "TMNT Mask”
9. "Molten Light”
10. "Old Man + the Sea”
11. "City of Electric Light”
12. "Rabid Bits of Time”
13. "Frozen Energon”