The New Basement Tapes "Liberty Street" (video)

The New Basement Tapes 'Liberty Street' (video)
With the release date for the Bob Dylan-inspired Lost on the River project from the New Basement Tapes on the way, the star-loaded outfit are putting the master songwriter's words on display in a new lyric video for the set's "Liberty Street."

The video utilizes the scrawl of Dylan himself, laid atop wooden backgrounds and a few animated figures facing hard times on the way to Liberty Street. Dawes member Taylor Goldsmith tenderly puts his spin on the long-lost set of lyrics, placing his humbled tenor above a gentle arrangement of piano, southern-styled guitar work and angelic backups.

"'Liberty Street' was one of the last songs I put together for the record," Goldsmith explained in a statement. "We didn't see the lyrics for this song until we got into the studio. Bob Dylan has a way of saying lines like 'Six months in Kansas City down on Liberty Street' and it having an immediate, yet sometimes ineffable, power. When I started putting these words to music, the structure of the words dictated the way the chords rolled out so it came together really fast. And the recording of it was our first take."

Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes arrives November 11 via Electromagnetic/Harvest.