Neu! Reveal Vinyl Box Set, Raw Power-era Stooges Reunite and Malajube Get Scoring in This Week's News Round-Up

Neu! Reveal Vinyl Box Set, <i>Raw Power</i>-era Stooges Reunite and Malajube Get Scoring in This Week's News Round-Up
Despite being eager to embrace this long weekend, we couldn't let that get in the way of News Round-Up, Exclaim!'s link-filled guide to the week's top stories. Here's some of what you might have missed this week.

First up, we discovered Michael Rother - the highly influential Krautrock pioneer who's played in such legendary outfits as Kraftwerk, Neu! and Harmonia -has been busy working on a five-LP Neu! box set. Included will basically be everything the band ever recorded - Neu!, Neu! 2, Neu! 75, Neu 4 and '72 Live! In Dusseldorf - as well as even some pics by Anton Corbijn. Oh, and Rother is busy lining up a live show that will feature Chili Peppers John Frustiante and Flea, as well as Benjamin Curtis and Josh Klinghoffer, as his backing band. Seriously, everyone still likes Neu!, don't they?

There's pile of other stories this week, of course, including Malajube soundtracking the film The Trotsky, Rush being put on the academic microscope in an new book and the Raw Power-era Stooges reuniting

Oh, and there was a bunch of stuff going on with rock'n'roll seniors the Rolling Stones this week. Reports surfaced that drummer Charlie Watts quit the group, only for the band to issue a statement a few hours later quashing the rumours. On top of that, we found out the Stones are working on a new album and Keith Richards has been recording with White Stripe Jack White. And if all that wasn't enough, police are currently reviewing the death of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones, who was found dead in 1969.

And while this next story is straight-up ridiculous, you may want to check out how Metallica's music calms monkeys. Just thought we'd throw that out there...

And last but not least, remember that surprise Thom Yorke twelve-inch we told you about? Well, it's now been confirmed. We were right!