BY Vish KhannaPublished Jan 21, 2008

With its intersection of visual art and corresponding soundscapes, Stefan Németh’s Film would be interesting enough without the six musical explorations found here. Known as a member of experimental Austrian bands like Radian and Lokai, Németh began collaborating closely with makers of short films and video artists in 2001, crafting soundtracks for their works. Re-imagining some of those compositions slightly and retaining others in their original form, Németh completed the remarkable Film, a heady combination of digital noise and acoustic instrumentation that’s provocative stimulus. The requisite drones and glitches are often augmented with hard beats: "Via L4-Norte” possesses an organic rhythmic pattern that’s easy to mesh with, while the industrial buzz of "Transitions” morphs into a mellow, if alien, trance groove. Without even knowing the source inspiration, pieces like "Luukkaankangas” conjure a vivid cinematic ambience, infusing the room with a sinister kind of drama. It’s a credit to Németh that such abstract scores can coexist and flow on one record, and Film is simply a cool, effective concept.
(Thrill Jockey)

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