Neil Young Recording Again with Crazy Horse

Neil Young Recording Again with Crazy Horse
Neil Young and his on-again, off-again partnership with Crazy Horse is apparently back on, and they'll be readying a new album this year. News of the iconic rocker teaming up with his old pals came in a number of ways the last few days, most notably when Young announced it as such at Park City, UT's Slamdance Film Festival.

According to fansite Thrasher's Wheat [via Rolling Stone], Young was in town repping his Jonathan Demme-directed live picture Journeys when the musician announced that Crazy Horse would be riding high once again. Apparently the crowd erupted into cheers. Later on, fans went onto drummer Ralph Molina's Facebook page to ask if the news was true, and he answered with a simple "Yes!"

What's interesting is that the report claims that the band already have one album completed and are going to record another one shortly. It's unclear whether the finished album is the troupe's Toast album, which was recorded in 2000 but never issued.

"It's great rock'n'roll, very moody, kind of jazzy," Young told Rolling Stone about Toast in 2008. "It's really dark. It's got everything that the best Crazy Horse albums have had. It won't be the most commercial Crazy Horse album ever out."

 The last Young/Crazy Horse outing was the Greendale project from 2003, though  guitarist Frank "Poncho" Sampedro wasn't featured on the set, and they hadn't played together in public since 2004.