Neil Young Endorses David Suzuki's Blue Dot Campaign

Neil Young Endorses David Suzuki's Blue Dot Campaign
Neil Young is known for using his celebrity status to back environmental causes, including decrying the Alberta oil sands, protesting GMOs and championing energy-efficient cars. It's only natural, then, that Young has jumped on board with environmentalist David Suzuki's Blue Dot campaign.

Young performed in Vancouver last night (October 5), and the songwriter appeared with Suzuki in a press conference prior to that. Young said that Canada's "recent leadership has trashed what we have" and given us a negative image around the globe. (#ImagineOct20th, anyone?)

The Blue Dot campaign aims to add an amendment to our country's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, guaranteeing Canadians the right to a healthy environment.

"There's nothing in the constitution that says it's one of our rights to be able to breathe and drink clean water and have clean food, so there is really a difficulty in using the judicial system to take on the giant multinational corporations who are bent on profit," said Young. Amending the Charter, he said, would give people a legal platform with which to oppose environment-harming corporations.

This isn't the first time that Young has showed support for Suzuki: last year, he participated in the activist's "Blue Dot Tour" along with artists like Feist, Grimes, members of Metric and more. Young is clearly putting his money where his mouth is, since he has donated $100,000 to the Blue Dot campaign.

All in all, this is just another reason why we think Neil Young should run for prime minister.