Necromancer Sauron Speaks: Fat Beats from the Dark Tower

Supergenius became an underground hero when he dropped Star Wars Breakbeats, which combined juicy hip-hop beats over looped Star Wars dialogue. Then he was left fending off lawyers representing George Lucas for a couple of years and now has returned with another gem lifted from a nerd's bedroom fantasy. With Sauron Speaks, Supergenius (under the title of the Necromancer) has chosen the works of J.R.R. Tolkien as inspiration to add not only hip-hop drum breaks but classic wizard-rock guitars amongst endless amounts of dialogue. With Star Wars Breakbeats, the formula was simple, in the sense that a line was taken and looped and snippets of light sabers were dropped, but Sauron Speaks is a far more complex and overwhelming amount of dedication. The stories of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Return of the King are played at great length with the music setting the tone of the intensity of the plot, meaning that when Frodo is in trouble, bring on the hardcore beats. Luckily none of the source material was lifted from the recent motion picture, but instead was taken from past animated adaptations. The tracks vary from beats to rock, making the listening experience a little lopsided and rather than manipulating the spoken words, things come across more like a book-on-tape production with a dope soundtrack. Luckily the record ends with a peaceful track entitled "The Grey Havens," accompanied by the sounds of crashing waves and a choir, which produces a finale that is actually quite beautiful. You definitely have to give credit to those involved for taking things up a notch and hitting from another angle, which leaves the possibility of bigger and better things on the horizon for Suckadelic. (Suckadelic)