Nathan Melja No No No

Nathan Melja No No No
Why can't every genre just get along? It's a question Nathan Melja has long considered.
Ever since the French producer appeared on the scene a few years ago, he's delighted listeners with his flair for diverse styles and experimentation. From lo-fi techno to club-banging house, Nathan prides himself on his ability to push boundaries in electronic music and have fun in the process.
For many, Melja has long been one to watch. His Dream Real residency at the Parisian club Batofar and frequent appearances at Mister Saturday Night parties in New York cemented his place in the underground electronic music scene. Unsurprisingly, the multi-instrumentalist now splits his time between both cities (we did say he has fun).
No No No marks Nathan's debut on Ninja Tune's singles label Technicolour. Described as "instinctive, effortless and beautifully understated techno," the four-track EP fully lives up to its description. It's an unexpectedly mature endeavour from the young Frenchman, whose music continues to explore more deeply with each new release. The EP flows organically from one song to the next, building an auditory wave that gently crests and washes over the listener. If you're looking for lush techno with just enough bass to get you moving, this record is for you.
Bottom line: No No No is an EP you should say yes to. (Technicolour / Ninja Tune)