Nas "It's a Tower Heist" (ft. Rick Ross)

Nas 'It's a Tower Heist' (ft. Rick Ross)
Commissioned for the soundtrack of Tower Heist, which is due out November 1, Nas and Rick Ross have teamed up for their own contribution to the movie.

Collaborating on "It's a Tower Heist," the track combines samples and production that recall the flute-ish textures of Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'." While references to the film are audible, Ross time and time again seems as though he is only capable of rapping about the same subjects: expensive things and money.

The soundtrack from Tower Heist is due out November 1, and Nas's tenth full-length album Life is Good is expected to be released soon via Def Jam. Check out "It's a Tower Heist" below courtesy of Funkmaster Flex .