Narrows Narrows

With the star-studded line-up of vocalist Dave Verellen (Botch) and former members of Some Girls and These Arms Are Snakes, Narrows’ new self-titled album is pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to hardcore. A new member of the Deathwish roster, Narrows have released a self-titled three-track EP that doesn’t venture into the realm of fast-paced hardcore but isn’t quite the melody-filled release of, say, the last Modern Life Is War record. "Crooked Tongues” is the fastest Narrows get on this piece of work and the mid-tempo rhythm accompanies the spectre of dissonant guitar work. The last minute-and-a-half of this track is essentially one long, awesome breakdown that accentuates Verellen’s gruff vocals. This EP has just enough shine to make Deathwish’s hardcore fan-base froth at the mouth and want more. (Deathwish Inc.)