Napalm Death Talk New Album

Napalm Death Talk New Album
Way back in July, we reported that Birmingham’s fathers of grindcore, Napalm Death, were hard at work on a new LP. Now, the legendary band have revealed that their 13th studio album, the follow-up to 2006’s Smear Campaign, will be called Time Waits for No Slave.

In a recent interview with, bassist Shane Embury described the album, saying, "I guess it's moving on again from the last album. It's still very fast and hopefully heavy. There's a couple of strange kind of moments in the music, with a little more experimentation and a little more discordance in the guitar, perhaps. I think Barney [Greenway]’s trying to move forward vocally in some areas like he did on tracks like 'Smear Campaign' and 'Persona Non Grata.'”

The album will be out this February courtesy of Century Media.

Time Waits for No Slave tracklisting:

1. "Strong Arm"
2. "Diktat"
3. "Work To Rule"
4. "On The Brink Of Extinction"
5. "Time Waits For No Slave"
6. "Life And Limb"
7. "Downbeat Clique"
8. "Fallacy Dominion"
9. "Passive Tense"
10. "Larency Of The Heart"
11. "Procrastination On The Empty Vessel"
12. "Feeling Redundant"
13. "A No-Sided Argument"
14. "De-evolution Ad Nauseum"

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