Nancy Pants 'Total Nancy Pants' (album stream)

Nancy Pants 'Total Nancy Pants' (album stream)
Montreal's Nancy Pants are set to unleash their debut full-length Total Nancy Pants on Thursday (November 20), but you can give it an advanced listen right now on

Calling themselves a "dirty pop band," Nancy Pants reintroduces a few familiar Cancon faces with Ohara Hale (Mori, Ohara), Adam Waito (Adam & the Amethysts, Silverkeys, Miracle Fortress) and Jeremy MacCuish (Parlovr, Nanimal, Smokes) comprising the lineup.

Formed en route to an indie comic book convention, the trio recorded a five-song demo after just one band practice. Now, their repertoire has grown into the 11-song collection that is Total Nancy Pants.

A recent press release describes their sound as "teenage '60s garage pop and weird '90s punk," which pretty much nails it. Hale's vocals bounce between sugary sweetness and grit, while Waito adds some fuzz on the four-string and MacCuish holds down the beat.

Total Nancy Pants is a bright, fun and catchy set of tracks, and it'll be available digitally and on tape as of November 20. The band will be playing an album release show that same day at Montreal's the Plant. For now though, get ready to bounce along and hit play below to hear Total Nancy Pants in its entirety.