Nagisa Ni Te On The Love Beach

Jagjaguwar once again exercises their ability to re-release essential listening with a classic from Japan, the haunting 1995 masterpiece On The Love Beach, which somewhat echoes the haunting beauty of Neil Young's On The Beach fused with the leftist pop tones of George Harrison. Entranced in dreamy washes of romance, Nagisa Ni Te is a perfect lazing Sunday afternoon listening affair, like discovering a beautiful old movie on television struck from a 16mm print with a stale textured, but wonderful, soundtrack. The ultra-density of it all is so thick that at times one is not sure what is going on, but you know you like it because the hypnotic draining emptiness is the essential element. Fans of Sparklehorse (although it is lighter and closer to its kindred spirit/brethren musical act Cracker), Meddle-era Pink Floyd and perhaps even the Beach Boys will find this album to be a reflection, or an accurate sonic description, of being lost within a long lost moment. (Jagjaguwar)