Nação Zumbi Futuro

As one of the pioneers of Brazil’s mengue beat movement — a rhythmic style that channels the traditional North Eastern percussive patterns of maracatu and coco through the equally abrasive sounds of tripped out rock, hip-hop and drum & bass informed electronica — Nação Zumbi have been one of the focal points for the genre since the early ’90s. On Futuro, the Recife-based collective turn in their most musically adventurous disc date with a set that imagines a future where the rustic sounds of a berimbau seem right at home along side psychedelic synth fields and wah wah guitar lines. A manic walking bass line, skittering drum break, and some crafty use of a Gameboy provide a sense of threatening distress on "Expresso da Eléctrica Avendia,” a mood carried over through the urgent break beat and ’70s era prog guitar licks of "Na Hora De Ir.” Singer Jorge Du Piexe’s bellowing, near-monotone delivery only aids in maintaining a feeling of impending doom, even on cuts like the comparatively summery "Pode Acreditar.” Long after the death of their charismatic leader Chico Science, Nação Zumbi continue to carry their masterwork forward into mind melting new territory. (Scape/Forced Exposure)