Mystical Weapons "Mechanical Mammoth" (video)

Mystical Weapons 'Mechanical Mammoth' (video)
Earlier this fall, we learned that Deerhoof skinsman Greg Saunier and Sean Lennon had teamed up under the name Mystical Weapons and were introduced to the terrifyingly cutesy synthscape "Mechanical Mammoth," off their impending self-titled debut. That track now has a video clip, and it's just as creepy.

The song, if you remember, is full of farty, funhouse synths and percussive clinks, which you could argue is the audio equivalent of watching a squeaky, tusked robot lumbering around in search of oil. That said, the video features a masked woman in a fishnet suit miming and doing an interpretive dance with a splintering wicker chair to the clanky cut.

You can check out the oddness down below.

Mystical Weapons self-titled debut drops January 13 via Chimera Music.