My Morning Jacket Garrison Stage, Toronto ON, June 7

My Morning Jacket Garrison Stage, Toronto ON, June 7
Photo: Shane Parent
After an incredibly successful two-day festival, My Morning Jacket gave Field Trip the send-off it deserved with a wicked set filled with epic guitar solos and a thundering light show. The jammy Kentucky rock quintet, led by Jim James, balanced their show between their material from last month's release The Waterfall and their older hits. The newer material kept to the band's shifting, Americana-indebted rock, but it was on the older cuts, like "It Beats 4 U" and "Victory Dance" that the band's propensity for grandiosity truly shone, never failing to be kicked up a notch as the songs evolved with winding guitar lines and expert bass licks from Tom Blankenship.
James, with his long hair, poncho, head covering, sunglasses, and electronic gizmo occasionally slung around his neck, looked like an electric Jesus, and may have converted some followers after a gesture to the crowd coincided with the last rainfall of the night. The set ended with "One Big Holiday," which truly encapsulated the feeling of Field Trip with its larger than life sound and danceable rock groove, with many audience members singing along.
The song — and the set — capped off a wholly successful festival that demonstrated how Field Trip has grown from a celebration of Arts & Crafts to one of music, life, and the Toronto arts community as a whole.