My Education Italian

If you’re looking for majestic sweeping post-rock, the hotbed is now looking to be Austin, Texas. Not only bringing forth bona fide masters like Explosions in the Sky, but also up and comers like Purchase New York and fellow Austinites My Education. With nine songs spanning over an hour, they definitely have the length part down, and, heard via the various movements of opener "Snake in the Grass,” they definitely have the chops too. Moving from more languid instrumentals to a scorching climax is the hallmark of the genre, but My Education give the proceedings a greater intensity than others seem to. This is also seen in "Texas Style,” where the roaring climax has this great big huge sound that just begs to be listened to through enormous earphones. They can also sway along with the best as in-between song "(Polyphonic Walnuts)” provides a nice respite from the grandeur of the rest of the album. Italian is a towering work that will easily delight those who cannot get enough of the quiet-loud scene and the absolute magnitude of the sound it produces. Welcome, mighty Texans, and stay awhile. (Thirty Ghosts)