My Bitter End A Thin Line Between Heaven and Here

As the currently exploding euro-tech hardcore comes to its acme, it also comes with the price of the proliferation of bands that combine too many different styles at the expense of songwriting. These bands are making a decent effort, producing excellent sounding but poorly written material, leaving only one loving term that can be used: moshbore. They maintain a level of energy that is admirable but unfortunately their occasional grind and stoner moments just seem contrived and wasted amid screeching guitars. Complicated Converge slashing chaos (the shape of hardcore to come), endless mosh, like fellow hybrid subscribers God Forbid, and shrieking Bloodjinn breakdowns are the main ingredients in this tiresome record. Arrogant squealing guitars are used as a painfully central theme. The lyrics have their shining moments, but are not easily understood, except in the ever popular hardcore speeches that have become the unwritten underground law. Their focus is more on the ascending and descending guitar work that gets incredibly boring and predictable. There is nothing to distinguish these songs from a thousand other bands. (Innerstrength)