Mux Mool Returns with New Album

Mux Mool Returns with New Album
After countless EPs, singles and remixes, Minnesotan electronic producer Mux Mool (born Brian Lindgren) finally issued his debut album Skulltaste in 2010. Now, he's announced plans for a follow-up album early next year.

The new record is called Planet High School, and while the name suggests a Ramones-in-space vibe, a press release explains that the album is still a collection of instrumental hip-hop. Still, "it certainly sounds different than Skulltaste... it's funkier, more confident, and more comfortable. It sounds less like someone trying to prove a point by arguing and more like someone trying to prove a point by just being who they are. It's leading by example, sonically speaking."

For a better understanding of what that means, album track "Palace Chalice" can be downloaded here or streamed below.

Planet High School will be available on February 7 via Ghostly International.

Planet High School:

1. "Brothers"
2. "Live at 7-11"
3. "Palace Chalice"
4. "I Ruin Everything"
5. "The Butterfly Technique"
6. "Hand On the Scantron"
7. "Raw Gore"
8. "Cash 4 Gold"
9. "Get Yer Alphabets (Guns)"
10. "Baba"