Music Go Music "Light of Love"

Music Go Music 'Light of Love'
For a group that sold well over 100 million records and still maintains respect as one of the greatest pop songwriters of all-time, ABBA aren’t often (willingly) name-dropped as an influence. Compare that to the Beatles or even the bloody Strokes over the last seven years, and there seems to be a major imbalance in the justice system.

(And no, Björn Again don’t count.)

Well, that all said, meet Los Angeles troupe Music Go Music. Instead of wasting time thinking up a decent band name, these Californians time-travelled back 30 years to grab a sound so familiar to us yet virtually non-existent in today’s new music market. Their label Secretly Canadian hits the nail on the head pointing out that their "songs would have been recorded by coke-fueled session musicians and millionaire producers in Nassau or Stockholm for $5000 a day. They would have been performed in huge arenas and played in every mall as the soundtrack to the prom queen's shopping spree.”

Normally a trio decked out in sequins but capable of ballooning to at least eight members when necessary, Music Go Music are your parents’ record collection disguised as a cool indie act on a cool indie label. First single "Light of Love” is borderline plagiarism – but in the best way possible. The drum fills are lifted right out of ELO’s arena-rock jams, an ABBA piano swing and Agnetha’n’Frida-type "whoa-whoa-whoa” give it its boogie, and front-lady Gala Bell is as casual and cool as Debbie Harry on "Rip Her To Shreds.”

Light of Love will hit shops on May 20 as the first of three EPs, which will follow in August and November. A full-length possibly titled Music Go Music’s Greatest Hits in Chronological Order is rumoured to drop in January.

Music Go Music "Light of Love”