Muse Reveal 'The 2nd Law' Album with Dubstep-Tinged Trailer

Muse Reveal 'The 2nd Law' Album with Dubstep-Tinged Trailer
It's been three years since the Twilight-approved British prog-pop act Muse released their fifth studio album The Resistance, and outside of an incorrect rumour that they'd be scoring The Clash of the Titans, they've released very little into the world. That will change this fall, however, as the band have announced a new album.

According to a trailer that has made the rounds this morning (June 6), the band's sixth album is called The 2nd Law. The clip features some epic symphonic instrumentation that eventually transforms into a dubstep-influenced groove at the 90-second mark.

Visually, the trailer features footage of oil rigs and panicking businessmen as a news anchor describes the world running out of oil, suggesting that the album will be somewhat political in nature.

While the clip ends with the phrases "New album, The 2nd Law, September 2012," a countdown clock on the band's official site ends at September 17.

Check out the trailer for The 2nd Law below.